Hello, this is Uppy. 

By now you already know that ITUp was founded with the mission of addressing the lack of OutSystems Developers in the market. In 3 years, we have converted, trained and certified more than 1500 people and to represent them we created Uppy!

Uppy came up one summer day in one of those animated brainstorming sessions and is the result of merging the words ITUp and Happy. As any software or app with native features, Uppy also has some important ones: like you, he wanted to turn his career up through OutSystems and has achieved his goals with our support; he is happy with his choices; and he likes sharing his experience!

Uppy is Hybrid.

Uppy has no special nationality, gender or professional profile, which represents our recruitment policy.

Uppy is global.

Join Uppy in Portugal, Singapore, Australia, Brazil or the Netherlands. Or in any other location, including your home! When starting an OutSystems career this is exactly what you can expect – a promising global market!

Uppy can be both a young-graduate or an experienced professional.

Uppy can either be starting his career or be a seasoned developer. Uppy has any academic and / or professional background. No matter what the area is, Uppy just needs to have logical reasoning skills and ambition to go a step further in his career, working now in the wonderful low-code world.

Work hard, Play harder.

With ITUp, Uppy learned the true meaning of the expression “work hard, play harder”. So, get ready: our programs are demanding, but will make you evolve faster. It will only take you 5 or 12 intensive weeks to become an outstanding OutSystems Developer (it only depends on your progression)! And Uppy will be by your side all the time!

Ha(Up)py Testimonials.

There are several trainees who have been with us and can confirm that Uppy represents a little of them.

“ITUp introduced me to OutSystems and it was love at first sight! I went from a sceptical PhD in Evolutionary Genetics to an OutSystems Development addict in 12 weeks!”

Joana Morais, Tech Lead at Luz Saúde

“In less than 2 years I did 25 thousand miles flying over continents enjoying different cultures and industries.”

Rúben Bonito, OutSystems Business Manager at LINKIT, Netherlands

Do you want to know how you can be like Uppy? Check out ITUP Training Programs!

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